Making an accent wall to your room can create a stunning and stylish statement. Not only that, it is also a great way to add excitement to your space according to your very own style and personal preference. Though an accent wall can be all about you, it is also important to think of how to create it with respect to your space. Choosing the wrong wall or paint, your entire space can look very confusing and odd in the end.

A good accent wall is one that do not have windows and doors and is very solid. However, you can still make create a wonderful accent around French doors and windows that come with a stunning view. Moreover, wall behind a fireplace is also a great place to create a statement because it is already the focal point of the room. Other great areas for a wonderful accent wall are behind your bed’s head board or wall behind an exquisite piece of furniture.

If the room you wish to put accent on do not yet have a focal point, then you can still make one. First take time looking around your space and observe where your eyes usually go first as you enter. A wall behind a wonderful sculpture, painting, or any work of art is also an ideal spot for creating a contrasting accent that will surely turn heads.

If you have an oblong shaped room, the best to accentuate is the wall which is the shortest and farthest to you. And with the right color, you can make the wall look nearer to you thus correcting the room’s shape visually. If you decide to rather use the longest wall your accent, then you will only make the room look way longer.

In selecting your accent wall, make sure to devoid the room from competition with other walls. If you choose a separate wall which is adjacent to a focal point wall that has a bold color, huge painting, mirrors, windows, pictures, or any other bold décor, the room will look confusing and even overwhelming. So before any painting project, including project with an accent wall, make sure to choose the right spot, the right color, the right paint, and the right painting contractors Birmingham. With the help of a professional and reputable painting contractors Birmingham, you can ensure that any kind of paint job you need is done with class and excellent attention to every detail.